So you missed your chance to appear in Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader?
Life is full of second chances, so don't let this opportunity slip away!

What should I send?

Who can submit?

Where can I submit my work?

How can I share my story if I can't write good in English?

Who's publishing this book?

What's the deadline?

Why did you take so long to do this?

Can I still get a copy of the first EYES OF DESIRE?

Didn't you direct a DVD documentary about a deaf gay artist?

What should I send?

As with the first collection, I am seeking a wide variety of viewpoints on the deaf GLBT experience, whether it's a true story, a poem, a short story, a stage play, an essay, or an interview. Even though I didn't necessarily agree with everything that appeared in Eyes of Desire: A Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader, I felt it was crucial to include divergent opinions as our community is far too diverse to be pigeonholed into one viewpoint.

While I'm not averse to coming-out stories, I'd be interested in including other elements of being a deaf GLBT person in these areas:

- Community (real-time and Internet)
- Race
- Deaf culture (however it is defined)
- Transphobia, homophobia, audism, paternalism, and ageism
- Religion
- GLBT culture (however it is defined)
- Leather culture
- Deaf GLBT history
- Raising a family
- Feminities and masculinities
- Country living
- Multiple disabilities
- Politics and activism
- Relationships with hearing--and deaf--partners
- GLBT family members and GLBT wedding stories
- Interpreters (both sign and oral)
- Deaf GLBT mentors and role models
- Closed (monogamous) and open relationships
- Hearing GLBT adult children of deaf parents
- Dating outside the bar culture

Poems, stories, and other works in English from outside the United States and straight allies of deaf GLBT friends are quite welcome. I'd be happy to consider previously published pieces as long as you tell me where they first appeared.

How long can the piece(s) be? No more than 20 pages.

Who can submit?

Any deaf GLBT writer or signer is welcome to send in work for consideration. Unless you state otherwise in your cover letter, your name will be kept confidential. If your work is accepted for the anthology, I will double-check with you to make sure whether or not you'd like to keep your name out of the book. While I'd prefer that you be out and proud, I will if necessary totally respect your wish to keep your identity private.

Because I'm interested in being more inclusive of the deaf and signing communities, I welcome submissions from deaf and hard-of-hearing non-signing writers and hearing writers who know sign language or have had intensive personal experiences among the deaf.

Those who are deaf and GLBT are my primary focus. If your material doesn't address some aspect of the deaf GLBT experience, you should at least be willing to be identified as a deaf GLBT person.

A friend asked me this: Will each contributor be required to have a headshot for their biographies? It's a good question because deaf people are so visual, and faces are what makes each person so individual. It is my hope that contributors who are out to the world would be open to having a photograph of themselves appear in the book. But that won't be decided until later. First things first ... your work itself!

If you're not sure whether your piece is appropriate for the anthology, please don't hesitate to email me and ask!

Where can I submit my work?

Writers and signers, you have two options for submitting your work. Email is preferred (MS Word, AppleWorks, and text files are acceptable), but snail mail is fine for those who want to send their stories on VHS or DVD, which could also be translated into English. (Of course, you of course would be required to approve my translation of your stories.)

Professional photographers and artists should email low-resolution jpgs of their work. Once the book is accepted for publication, I will then ask for a high-resolution (300 dpi) copy of the picture so that the photograph will look good on the page. Of course, you're welcome to submit slides and prints via the snail mail address below.

Please include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope), and please include your email address with all your pieces. (Please note the new address.)

Raymond Luczak
PO Box 3941
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0941

As with any submission, please do not send me your ONLY copy! I cannot be responsible if your work gets lost in the mail.

How can I share my story if I can't write good in English?

If you're one of those deaf people who doesn't feel confident about your English as you are about your ASL (American Sign Language), don't worry. I'd be glad to interview you in ASL!

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it has become increasingly possible for us to videochat no matter where in the world we are. It is also my hope that I will eventually find enough money to travel to some major cities and conduct interviews on videotape, which I could then translate from ASL into English. Again, I will require that you approve of my English translation before it gets published.

For those who wish to be interviewed, please email me directly, and we'll arrange something that's mutually convenient. Yes, I do have a FireWire-based webcam (iSight) which can be used with iChat AV (Macintosh) or Video AIM (Windows), a Sorenson VideoPhone, and a 3-CCD digital video camera.

Who's publishing this book?

Glad you asked! The most frequent question of my writing career has been: "When are you going to do Eyes of Desire 2?"

Believe me, I've queried practically every gay- and deaf-friendly small press with a proposal to do such a sequel, and they virtually had the same answer: "We'd be a lot more interested if we could see the whole book first." It didn't matter that I had done the first collection, or that it had been twice-nominated for a Literary Lambda Award, or that I'd sent them a copy of the book, or that I've had five more books published since. You see, when Sasha Alyson of Alyson Publications asked me to do the anthology, I didn't have any material on hand. (As it turns out, this is not normally how anthologies are done, so I was rather spoiled in this regard.) And Alyson Books is now operated by a different owner.

News about the publication of Eyes of Desire 2 will be posted as soon as details are confirmed.

When's the deadline?

The final deadline has already passed on March 31, 2007. If yo

Why did you take so long to do this?

Life has its very own set of distractions. And it was quite frustrating trying to spark interest from publishers in doing a sequel to Eyes of Desire. But was I going to give up? Heck, no! I still feel that the deaf GLBT community has a lot to say that should be heard--and seen--in the larger world.

And quite frankly, it's just time for another look from within--and from outside--a community of which I'm certainly proud to be a part. And why not? We need to celebrate our own diversity more often, regardless of how many decibels we cannot hear.

Thank you so much for your interest in this project, and for spreading the good news out there!

Can I still get a copy of the first EYES OF DESIRE?

No. The book is unfortunately out of print, which is another reason why I am doing Eyes of Desire 2.

Didn't you make a DVD documentary about a deaf gay artist?

Actually, yes. To learn more about the full-length documentary Guy Wonder: Stories & Artwork, please click here and place your order! (And yes, it's subtitled for the signing-impaired.)

Photograph by Phillip Ward. Copyright © 2007 by Raymond Luczak. All rights reserved.