While Tim Chamberlain continues to edit and fine-tune Robbie Berry's wonderful voiceover for Monique Holt in my second short film HIPPOS & GIRAFFES, I've posted a sneak (soundless) preview below. It has not been color-corrected.

The short film was actually Monique's idea. After all, she'd just performed the monologue under Tim Chamberlain's direction as part of my show A PAIR OF HANDS: DEAF GAY MONOLOGUES at HERE Theater the weekend before. Naturally, she wanted her work preserved.

What is the story about? Brenda, a deaf data processor, falls in love with Neil, a deaf gay woodcarver. The year is 1979. The monologue was adapted from a chapter from my forthcoming novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS.

The soundless preview is just under a minute, so if you have a croaky phone line, please be very patient while downloading it. (It's over 3.7 MB in size.) As always, you should use Apple's FREE QuickTime Player for optimal viewing.

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