ST. MICHAEL'S FALL: My Little Scrapbook!

    Welcome to our white house on Oak Street!

    Here is where I grew up, and from across the street and rambling wilds beyond, we could see the majestic spire of St. Michael's Church.

    ST. MICHAEL'S FALL is a paean to a lost way of life in the 1970s, and a steady potluck of memories sparked by seeing the places I once visited as a child and adolescent.

    While I cannot post my entire book online, it is my hope that you'll return here after reading ST. MICHAEL'S FALL and remember along with me what it meant to be young, wondering about the world around us.



Let's turn the page.

Below is the table of contents from ST. MICHAEL'S FALL with their first lines.


The Statue: "Autumn a gathering of the brittleness to come ..."


A Sunday, May 1972: "On Sunday mornings I was wide awake ... "

January 21, 1973: "It seemed like any other Sunday except ... "

July 4, 1974: "We stripped quickly down to swimsuits and dove ... "

Dialogue I: May 1975: "Mrs. Chambers, what is a Jew?"


The Sisters at ICGS: "You were the first nun I'd met ... "

Swing: "pull your shorts down some ... "

The Audiologist: "The thick gray windows never reveal ... "

Lent 1977: "The snow finally fell away to slush ... "

The Season Of Fur: "Frosty's brown-black nose ... "

Two Litanies: October 1977: "Mom, I thought of you in the two days you'd disappeared ... "

Crossroads: "The long sharp incline that led onto the boulevard ... "

Spelling Bee 1978: "A giddiness overtook my entire ... "

Training Bra: "My hearing aid harness hid ... "

Concerto: "In Grandma's house, Mom's upright piano ... "

Summer Nights 1979: "The green light of our Panasonic stereo ... "

Practice: "I stared at the black telephone ... "


Learning To Speak, Part I: "Mary Hoffman, didn't you know what you had ... "

Hummingbirds: "Our new Sheet Metal teacher left ... "

Dialogue II: March 1981: "One night when I fell asleep, I dreamed what ... "


The Crucifixion: "I was only an innocent boy at the time."

Learning To Speak, Part II: "Oh yes: I learned to speak."

Canaries: "My hands are canaries ... "

December 17, 1986: "I didn't weep at all when I learned ... "


Montreal River: "Four blocks away from Wisconsin: I grew ... "

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