ISBN: 978-19558268-60
242 pages. Paperback.
6 x 9

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You're 48 and have lost your husband. How do you start again?

Timm Gay Johnson was an unrepentant nudist. He didn’t care whether anyone saw him naked. In fact, if anyone appeared at the front door, he never bothered to put anything on. “Just in case the Jehovah’s Witnesses pay a visit,” he always said. Likewise, when guests came over for dinner, he never put on his clothes. “My birthday suit’s my best outfit ...”  — So opens Widower, 48, Seeks Husband.

When a legendary Minneapolis florist with an oversized penis the stuff of legend in the local gay community suddenly dies, his partner Howie Dwight Taft has a real problem when he dates for the first time in 30 years. How does a perfectly average-sized, overweight, and predictable middle-aged man try to find a new husband of his own? Covering some 40 years of gay Minneapolis history, the novel explores what it means to be an older gay widower.

“This story of a happy marriage ended by a premature death goes right to the heart of the matter-can a gay man find love? A question that the smooth and the furry, the drag queen and the bear, the hung and the unhung, all struggle within gay Minneapolis. Coping with self-loathing, dick size, excessive body hair, erectile dysfunction, and worries that people find one boring make this widower’s search for a second husband touching and honest.” —Andrew Holleran, author of The Beauty of Men

A sweet and sexy tale of a middle-aged man’s fumbling, awkward, often uncomfortable, but persistent search for the love and affection he deserves, Widower, 48, Seeks Husband is a story that lots of gay men of a certain age will connect with.” —Wayne Hoffman, author of An Older Man and Hard
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