The cover shows two photographs: A panoramic shot of a gnarly tree in the foreground against a manicured lawn far into the distance; the black-and-white photograph is tinted in a light teal. Below it is a pair of young men closing their eyes and resting their heads against each other off the edge of a sofa. The wall to the right shows the title and author's name in white: MUTE | RAYMOND LUCZAK. Near the bottom of the image says A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S PRESS.


The black-and-white photograph shows a grassy road through a sparse forest. Above the road is a transparent square with a bright orange border tilted to the side. The text on top of the square says ROAD WORK AHEAD. Below the "sign" are the text in white and orange: poems | RAYMOND LUCZAK.

Road Work Ahead: Poems

Two horizontal images bisect the cover: On top is a garish desert scene showing just the head of a young white man glowing almost like a sun while an older bearded white man looks on. The middle white stripe shows the title HOW TO KILL POETRY in red. Below the white stripe is a black-and-white tranquil landscape with a white woman from late 1800s, tinted in red save for a white flower at her neck, sitting and looking directly at us.

How to Kill Poetry

Book cover of Flannelwood, with a black and white image of a handsome man with a salt and pepper beard and a furry chest, above an image of green forest trees

Flannelwood: A Novel

Against a hazy but colorful background is a solid white circle with a thick black border showing the text in purple: BOKEH FOCUS | RAYMOND LUCZAK.

Bokeh Focus

Bordered with a solid warm gold on the left, the colored illustration, mostly in warm gold tones, shows a youngish man with curly hair looking up to the sky and holding his outstretched hand up to the sky. Over his arm and background shows the text in white: ONCE UPON A TWIN | poems | RAYMOND LUCZAK.

once upon a twin: poems

Against a dark blue sky littered with constellations and a pair of branches, a naked long-haired faceless woman stands with a snake wrapped around her body in a drawing. The title LUNAFLY is on top and the author's name Raymond Luczak is below the woman.

Lunafly: Poems

Against a gray and overcast seascape in which there seems no discernible horizon, a dull rust-colored rock formation island with a squat tree bejeweled with orange leaves on top appears like a ship on a tranquil sea, its gentle waves the color of brown coal. Above the island is the title FAR FROM ATLANTIS. Below the book’s title is the subtitle “poems.” Far below on the cover is the author’s name RAYMOND LUCZAK.

Far From Atlantis: Poems

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