The Other Apple

One day they’d gone too far and got lost.
They held each other and shivered nakedly

in a cave as the skies kept coughing thunder.
Out of boredom they rubbed bits of flint

together. The idea of fire took them by surprise.
They searched for bigger pieces of flint,

and tried again. Worked! They stared deep
into the hisses of fire, drunk from feeling

that first experience of invincibility
like the gods they were meant to be:

the fire of the big bang, the birth
of oh so many deaths to come.

Lunafly: Poems

So many stories … queerly retold. There’s a reason why so many people still debate the Bible, research the history of Greek myths, and resurrect the pagan beliefs co-opted by organized religion. These stories are filled with characters who’ve never gone away even in our modern times. Lunafly retells many of these stories, often through…

Lunafly: Poems →

Against a dark blue sky littered with constellations and a pair of branches, a naked long-haired faceless woman stands with a snake wrapped around her body in a drawing. The title LUNAFLY is on top and the author's name Raymond Luczak is below the woman.

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